Guest Speakers

Rev. Tom Davis and David Haase are regular guest speakers.

Rev. TOM DAVIS has had a long association with the Greenwich Church. For thirty years he has served as interim minister in many of the churches of Albany Presbytery, especially those in Washington County. He recently served the Shushan Church as interim minister. Since 1979 he has filled in at Greenwich whenever the Church was searching for its next minister. He is a native of Scranton, PA. and graduate of Dartmouth College and Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He received his PhD from Duke University. From 1960-1963 he was a Chaplain at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. In 1966 he came to Skidmore College as Associate Professor of Religion and College Chaplain.

DAVID HAASE is a candidate for ministry with the Albany Presbytery.  Dave works for the State helping administer foster care agencies.  He is studied at New Brunswick and New York Theological Seminaries.