St. Paul's Episcopal, Christ the King Spiritual Life Center, United Church, Bottskill and Lakevill Baptist, Centenary United Methodist, Easton Friends Meeting, Easton and Stump United Methodist, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church come together to:

1) celebrate our common goals and respect our different paths. 

2) formulate and support practical solutions to community problems on the basis of prayer.  

3) follow God's example in relationship with each other and our neighbors. 

4) include all members of the community regardless of church affiliation in all Interfaith activities. 

Recently a question was asked, "What is Greenwich Interfaith Fellowship"?  The origin goes back to the 1980's when it was called the Greenwich Clergy Association.  It included both a cleric and a lay representative.  Shirley Mulligan who is still a member of Greenwich Interfaith was a charter member that initially included only the Protestant churches of Greenwich.  Later, Fr Burns from St. Joseph's Church was invited to become a regular member of this organization along with Fr. Kelly.  In the late 1990's the name changed to Greenwich Interfaith Fellowship to better reflect the shared collaboration between the clergy and the lay representatives.  When st. Joseph's changed from an Augustinian to a Diocesan parish, Fr. Tom Konopka asked if any lay person would be interested in being a representative.  Don Brooks volunteered and became a member around 1998.

Greenwich Interfaith Fellowship has grown steadily from its beginning but is probably best known today for its involvement with the Van Go Transportation Service to take individuals for food shopping and to medical appointments.  Following is a brief listing of the involvement and growth of Greenwich Interfaith Fellowship, Inc.

Interfaith Sponsored Activities:

Baccalaureate Service
Community Crop Walk
Golf Tournament Fund Raiser
Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
Lenten Lunches
Good Friday Worship
Van Go Transportation Service
School Supplies Giveaway
Interfaith Supported Activities:

Community Support of Persons in Need
Vacation Bible School
Food for Kids
Palm Sunday Gathering
Emergency Relief Committee
Community Peace Events