Members of the church are very involved with the projects of the Greenwich Interfaith Fellowship. Those projects include:  the Crop walk, Food for Kids summer program, School Supplies distribution, and the Van Go transportation program along with the required fundraising for that program. 

The Church Mission has also supported the following deserving charities:
The Sky is not Limited:  The children have chosen to donate to this cause.  The Sky is Not Limited has been set up as a non-profit public charity to help get people clean water, pledging to use renewable energy to power water projects. They install pumps powered 100% through solar electricity.
Global Volunteers:  Riley Denaker, college student, engaged in mission work with Global in December 2016.  She taught orphans English, Math, Life Skills, Sustainable Living Practices. She promoted tolerance and peace.  We held a yard sale fundraiser October 8-9 to support this mission. 

Pancake Supper Fundraiser:
Sunday school mission puts on the pancake supper to raise money toward mission.  In 2016 they raised $200.  The children then purchased stamps for adults with children in the NICU and supplies for the homeless children.  

One Great Hour of Sharing and Joy: special offerings are collected.  

Christmas Joy: support for the National Presbyterian Church mission projects. 

White Gift Offering: special offerings are collected for the food pantry. 

Greenwich Food Pantry:
Personal care items and cleaning supplies are donated to support the homeless community. 

Heifer Project: Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty, as well as to care for the earth. The Presbyterian Church has recently created a "Heifer" type branch.  The Sunday school donated money to purchase a flock of chickens. 

The Bunk Bed project: The Bunk Bed Project provides beds for families in need within the Guatemalan community of San Lucas and surrounding areas. Money was donated to purchase a bunk bed for children that have no bed on which to sleep. 

Giving Circle:
The Giving Circle’s mission is to seek out communities in need and connect them with those with the resources to help. They are currently working with a school in Uganda. The Mission Committee donated money to purchase music supplies (recorders) to enrich the student’s education. The charity is based out of Saratoga Springs. 

Love a Child: Love a Child is a Christian humanitarian organization, serving the needs of children in Haiti. The United Church partnered with the Greenwich Central School French Club to collect baby clothes and supplies, school supplies, and personal care items to be delivered by LAC and Mrs. Andrea Merlow, GCS French teacher. Donations from the congregation and the Mission fund added another $200 to the cause. This is not the first time that the church has assisted Love a Child. The Sunday school raised money for new wells in Haiti in 2013.