Upcoming Events
8/20/2017 - 10:00 AM   Rev. Tom Davis
8/27/2017 - 10:00 AM   Rev. Tom Davis
Rev. Tom Davis and Rev. David Simmons provide pastoral care services for members of our congregation.  

Nursery care is available during worship, if you wish.  Please speak to a greeter about arranging that service.

Our first 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION was held on Sunday, September 18th. Rev. Don McLeod led our service with music provided by “This Time Around”.   On March 6 celebrated again with This Time Around Band and the Bell Choir.   On May 7, 2017,  Rev. Tom Montgomery will lead with a special performance by the bell choir.   

"The Verses that Matter Most in Today's World"
Lenten Series sponsored by Greenwich Interfaith Fellowship sends a special invitation to soothe your soul with the Word of God.  

Mondays during Lent - 7 pm at Bottskill Baptist Church - 32 Church St., Greenwich.  Each evening will include reflections by local spiritual leaders, prayer and music followed by time together and refreshments. 

Monday, March 6  Pastor Lee Capodagli speaking on Matthew 5: 21-48

Monday, March 13  Rev. Virginia Cornell speaking on Micah 6

Monday, March 20  Mary Anne Brown speaking on Luke 10: 38-42

Monday, March 27 Rev. Tom Davis speaking on Matthew 10:16

Monday April 3  Rev. Sandra Spaulding speaking on Jeremiah 29: 1-10

Monday, April 10  Fr. Chip Strickland speaking on John 3: 16-21